Oticon Ruby™

Oticon Ruby is made to meet your needs

Sound quality, rechargeability, and connectivity in one complete solution.

Oticon Ruby offers great sound quality and introduces new features like the SuperShield feedback management system and super-fast inductive charging. 

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Oticon Ruby Hearing Aid Features:

Oticon Ruby prevents whistling before it occurs * –  Most hearing aid users are aware of the embarrassment of their hearing aids whistling when hugging someone, talking on the phone, or just sitting in their car. The new SuperShield feedback management system prevents whistling before it occurs to improve your hearing aid experience.

Ruby Connects to compatible smartphones, tablets, and TVs  – Oticon Ruby’s wireless connectivity delivers high-quality sound streaming with low battery consumption to let you connect to the devices and people that mean the most to you*. You can also pair Oticon Ruby hearing aids with multiple TV adapters and use the Oticon On App to select which TV to stream from. *Additional accessories may be required. Accessories such as the TV adapter are available separately and are not part of the hearing aid package.

A full day’s charge in three hours*  – Oticon Ruby brings reliable inductive charging to Oticon’s essential category. The super-fast charger can fully charge the hearing aids in three hours or provide an additional six hours of power with a 30-minute charge.

*Lithium-ion battery performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behaviour.

Oticon Ruby Types & Styles

Oticon Ruby is available in a wide range of styles and fitting options to fulfill the specific needs and preferences of more people with hearing loss. Oticon Ruby behind-the-ear styles come in 5 different colors and give you a complete selection of high-quality hearing aids. 

Oticon Ruby miniRITE

Oticon Ruby miniRITE hearing aid sits discreetly behind the ear and is our smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid. It contains a tiny speaker attached to a thin, almost invisible wire that sits in the ear.

Ruby miniRITE-T

Oticon Ruby miniRITE-T hearing aid features a telecoil, which helps you hear better when using a telephone with a built-in loop or when you are in buildings with teleloop systems such as theaters, churches, or lecture rooms. It is a small and discreet hearing aid that sits behind the ear. It contains a tiny speaker attached to a thin, almost invisible wire that sits in the ear.

Oticon Ruby BTE

Oticon Ruby BTE hearing aid delivers high sound quality in a compact design and features a double push button for easy operation of volume and programs. It comes in different colors to match your need and offers a variety of connectivity options. The hearing aid is designed to be robust and reliable, with all of the vital components nano-coated for optimal protection from water and dust.

Siya TBE

Oticon Ruby Plus Power

Oticon Ruby BTE PP is a powerful hearing aid that sits behind the ear. This is a robust style with the speaker well protected in the small casing that rests behind the ear.

Oticon Ruby miniRITE R (Rechargeable)

Oticon Ruby miniRITE R is a discreet rechargeable hearing aid style with a lithium-ion battery and easy-to-use charger. Charging uses inductive technology which is contact-free and enables fast and reliable charging. This hearing aid model also features a telecoil to receive audio from public hearing loop systems.

Oticon Ruby 1 and Ruby 2 Hearing Aids Technology & Performance Levels

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