Oticon Zircon

Oticon Zircon

Life-changing technology in a comprehensive offering

With Oticon Zircon, we are introducing groundbreaking technology to the essential category for the first time – operating on the powerful PolarisTM platform.
Using OpenSound NavigatorTM, Oticon Zircon 1 builds on Oticon’s BrainHearingTM philosophy to provide a comfortable open sound experience. People with hearing loss can experience 360° speech that’s clear and balanced when socialising in noisy environments, and get close to other people without experiencing irritating feedback.

Oticon Zircon offers an extensive connectivity package to you, with direct streaming from compatible iPhone® and AndroidTM devices**, and audio streaming from TVs, computers, and tablets.

Available in five different colours across a range of miniBTE and miniRITE styles with disposable or rechargeable^^ batteries, Oticon Zircon can fit even more clients with life-changing technology. It’s a competitive range of essential products that gives people with a hearing loss the chance to celebrate life.

Oticon Zircon miniBTE R

Key Features:

  • OpenSound NavigatorTM
    OpenSound Navigator treats sound sources individually and balances them, leaving the focus sound clear and background sounds audible but not distracting. This allows you to comfortably locate and separate speech sources, focusing on what they find most important, while being aware of their surrounding sounds, like birds or a dog.
  • Speech Guard
    Speech Guard makes sure that speech is amplified in a way so that speech cues are preserved. This makes speech less distorted and improves speech understanding.
  • SuperShield
    SuperShield feedback management system ensures you can get up close to other people without experiencing irritating feedback. SuperShield works with Feedback shield to analyse incoming sound levels, iden- tify risk and quickly prevent whistling before it occurs.
  • Here’s how it works:
    OpenSound Navigator provides a clean and clear signal from 360°, making it possible for Speech Guard to amplify all sounds, with a special focus on preserving speech cues. At the same time, SuperShield prevents irritating feedback from occurring, so you can access clear sound and distinct speech from any direction.

The open sound experience to
join in with life all around
Oticon Zircon 1 takes the essential hearing aid category into the new world of hearing care

Oticon Zircon 1 lets you handle multiple, dynamic sounds from all directions and 360° speech that’s clear and balanced even when in noisy situations.

Direct streaming from compatible iPhone® and AndroidTM devices

Oticon Zircon features Bluetooth® Low Energy technology and offers an extensive range of connectivity options to support a high-quality listening experience in everyday situations.
It is a Made for iPhone hearing aid and is compatible with the new Android protocol for Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA). This means users can easily stream music, podcasts, audiobooks and more directly from compatible iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android devices*. Oticon Zircon can be combined with Oticon ConnectClip to stream from any other compatible Bluetooth device.

Oticon Zircon Bluetooth

Life-changing technology designed for celebration

It’s time to start socialising and celebrating a life filled with sound. Thanks to groundbreaking technology, Oticon Zircon offers 360° speech and clear sound from all directions, even when in noisy environments, so you can focus on the sounds you love.

Availability and function of features and accessories can vary depending on hearing aid style and performance level selected.

Oticon Zircon miniBTE R

miniBTE R

Oticon Zircon miniBTE T

miniBTE T

Oticon Zircon miniRITE R

miniRITE R

Oticon Zircon miniRITE T

miniRITE T

Oticon Zircon Colours & Styles

A range of miniBTE and miniRITE styles with rechargeable or disposable batteries, available in 5 different colours, means you can fit even more clients with a flexible solution that works for them.

Oticon Zircon 5 Colors
Oticon Zircon Comparison

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