Oticon More™

Hear everything with Oticon More

Hearing loss can be a frustrating and isolating experience. Fortunately, the Oticon More hearing aid is designed to help people with hearing loss access all relevant sounds. By processing and balancing the full sound scene, the Oticon More provides optimised input from all types of meaningful sounds, not just speech.

Conventional technology based on noise reduction, directionality, feedback management and traditional compression suppressed the sound scene, cutting people off from their surroundings. New Oticon More provides access to the full sound scene and helps people with hearing loss by supporting the brain in the way it naturally processes sounds. This ensures a good neural code.

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The world’s first platform featuring an on-board Deep Neural Network

The Polaris platform is the backbone of Oticon More. It is purpose-built for hearing aids. This focused approach allows it to constantly run an embedded Deep Neural Network and at the same time power all the technologies in Oticon More with more speed, precision, and capacity than ever before.

The Oticon Deep Neural Network is a state of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into your hearing aid, assessing the sounds and bringing you a clearer and more authentic sound scape, with all the multiple sounds and voices around you.

Oticon More benefits

  • Made for iPhone and compatible with modern Android devices, you can stream music, phone calls and more directly to your hearing aids from your smartphone.
  • Take control of your hearing aids on your smartphone via the app, Oticon ON.
  • No battery changes. With rechargeable batteries you can plug in your hearing aid in the evening and be fully charged for the next day.
  • Enjoy the benefits of internet connectivity.
  • With Oticon’s handy accessories you can stream sound directly from your TV and other Bluetooth compatible devices.

What is “MORE” about Oticon More?

New MoreSound Intelligence:

  • Access to the full sound scene with clear contrast and balance.
  • Oticon More creates a precisely balanced sound scene that gives the brain the conditions it needs to work optimally.
  • MoreSound Intelligence scans the full sound scene 500 times per second.
    Once that is analysed, it precisely organises the sounds around the user, and then utilises the DNN’s vast training from real life to process and create contrast between the identified sounds.

New MoreSound Amplifier:

  • Precisely balanced amplification of every sound.
  • Compared to Oticon’s previous amplification technology, the new MoreSound Amplifier provides a sixfold increase in resolution and an adaptive speed pilot make the full sound scene audible while maintaining the fine contrast and balance between sounds. This gives the brain access to the information it needs to make sense of sound.

Oticon More Features:

  • Oticon BrainHearing: The BrainHearing technologies are designed to support the brain’s natural sound processing and continue to deliver objectively proven BrainHearing benefits.
  • Intelligent features: After scanning and analysing the sound scene 500 times per second to understand the complexity of the sound scene, the hearing aid can organize the sounds around you to create clear contrast and balance between sounds.
  • Sounds from the real world: Oticon More is trained with sound scenes from the real world and is thereby able to balance the sound scene around you.
  • Better speech understanding: Get more out of your conversations with friends and loved ones. Oticon More hearing aids enhance speech understanding in both noisy and quiet environments.
  • Seamless connectivity: Enjoy a wealth of connectivity opportunities, like streaming music, talking on the phone and using Oticon ON App to control the hearing aids. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it all possible.
  • Rechargeable batteries: Get charged for a full day of hearing, including streaming, in just 3 hours.

Oticon More Types & Styles

Oticon More is available in eight attractive colors.

all, sounds, people, scene, just, meaningful, types, from, input, optimised

Oticon More miniRITE

  • Type: BTE
  • Hearing loss: Slight – Profound
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Oticon More miniRITE R is a discreet rechargeable behind the ear style.
  • This hearing aid gives users access to all relevant sounds.
  • Oticon More supports the brain in making sense of sound and it is easy to operate with a double push button for volume and programme control.
  • It features Bluetooth wireless technology for seamless connectivity with compatible devices.
  • Oticon More miniRITE R rechargeable hearing aids are not compatible with disposable batteries.
  • The charging dock is an additional accessory required for the hearing aids to function.

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