Oticon Alta2

High performance hearing aids.

High quality hearing aids that can be customised exactly to your preferences.

Alta2 is a complete family of high-performing hearing aids to suit any ear.


The fitting process is designed to personalise the devices, so they suit your hearing. Alta2 includes the complete set of Oticon’s BrainHearingTM technologies: Speech Guard E, Spatial Sound, Free Focus and YouMatic. These work together to offer you the best sound quality available and access to the widest range of sound and speech details. Additionally the Soft Speech Booster in Alta2 gives you a better understanding of soft speech and subtle sounds.

Alta2 Pro Ti hearing aids allows seamless tinnitus treatment and feature customisable sound stimuli, including the preferred* soothing ocean sounds. Available in miniRITE, BTE and RITE styles only.

*Based on a survey of 88 audiologists in Canada fitting Alta and Nera with Tinnitus SoundSupport, 2014