Bernafon Viron

Introducing Bernafon Viron

Bernafon’s Viron is the first True Environment Processing hearing aids. These hearing aids offer premium technology for the most challenging listening situations. The new chip platform delivers super-fast sound detection and processing so that you can receive more precise information about their environment in real time.

Viron also includes a newly patented feedback cancellation system and is available in a brand-new rechargeable style.

Bernafon’s hearing aids let you immerse yourself in the natural sound environment and experience sound which is simply closer to reality.

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Bernafo Viron Hearing Aids Features

Viron hearing aids leave environment classification rules, restrictions, and artificial sound behind. Instead, they allow you to immerse yourself in the most natural sound possible and experience sound which is simply closer to reality. With the most powerful chip to date, Viron has more capacity than ever before to detect the sound environment, adjust the amplification, and to detect acoustical feedback.

Dynamic Feedback Canceller

Viron’s patented Dynamic Feedback Canceller is a new feature in the core DECS technology. It is Bernafon’s most powerful and effective feedback cancelling system ever, catering to both static and dynamic situations with high-speed analysis which helps in minimized risk of acoustical feedback.

Get connected

A number of accessories are available with Bernafon Viron hearing aids:

  • Bernafon SoundClip-A – Will pair with most Bluetooth enabled devices and allows for direct streaming from mobile phones, tablets and PCs. You can also listen to people from a distance with its built-in remote microphone.
  • Bernafon TV-A – Plugs into your TV and will stream stereo sound direct to your hearing aids.
  • Bernafon RC-A – Simple pocket-sized remote control which allows the user to change hearing aid volume or programme.
  • The Bernafon EasyControl-A app allows you to discreetly control your hearing aids. With the app, you can regulate the volume, change your listening program, find your hearing aids, and check your battery status.

Bernafon Viron has made for iPhone built in technology, which allows you to take calls or stream music direct from an iPhone. For Android and other Bluetooth devices, a Bernafon SoundClip-A is required.




Bernafon Viron Hearing Aids Benefits

  •  Feel more comfortable with the natural and true sounds of your environment.
  • Gain more freedom with the easy-to-handle Viron rechargeable hearing aids.
  • Follow conversations easily.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of sound streaming from your smartphone, TV, or other modern devices into your hearing aids.


Styles and Colors

  • Viron fits your style and needs.
  • Depending on your individual hearing needs, your lifestyle, and budget, there are five different performance categories. With advanced performance categories, Viron provides more options and adjustable settings to cater to challenging listening situations.
  • Bernafon Viron has 5 technology levels in the range Viron 9, Viron 7, Viron 5, Viron 3, Viron 1
  • Bernafon Viron is available in 4 models.

Bernafon Viron MiniRite T

  • Battery size 312.
  • Incorporating a telecoil and slightly larger multi-function button that is used for programme change, mute and also allows you to increase and decrease volume from one hearing aid.
  • The hearing aid can be configured to treat mild to severe hearing loss.

Bernafon Viron BTE 105

  •  Battery size 13
  •  It has a telecoil and a multifunction button for volume, programme change and mute.
  • It can be configurated to treat moderate to profound loss.

Bernafon Viron MiniRITE

  • Battery size 312
  • The device has a multi-function button that can be used for volume control, programme change and a mute.
  • The hearing aid can be configured to treat mild to severe hearing loss.

Bernafon Viron MiniRITE T R

  • Rechargeable hearing aid.
  • Lithium ion Batteries
  • It provides power for a full day including sound streaming from other devices and offers a short, fast charging time – 100% in 3 hours.
  • It can be configurated to treat mild to severe hearing loss.

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