Bernafon Supremia

The brand new Supremia Super Power BTE is Bernafon’s strongest hearing aid. Exceptionally robust and durable, Supremia Super Power BTE is specifically designed for adults and children with severe to profound hearing losses.


  • Makes speech easier to understand in everyday as well as more challenging situations
  • Efficiently reduces unwanted noise giving you the opportunity to focus on the important sounds around you
  • Helps you to effectively localize sound
  • Adjusts automatically as you move in and out of different environments
  • Connects to a range of Bluetooth® devices via Bernafon’s SoundGate 3
Bernafon Supremia in pink

Supremia’s long-lasting size 13 battery, in combination with a unique battery management system, has the energy to provide power for up to 184 hours. The device meets the highest quality standards in protection against dust and moisture and is easy to operate with integrated volume control wheel and a push button for changing programs, allowing users to adapt to different listening environments without any hassle.

It’s small design, high performance and powerful feature set make Supremia a strong, reliable partner in hearing and life.


  • Wireless Connectivity – The SoundGate 3 enables you to connect and communicate anytime, and from anywhere. Use the SoundGate 3 as an interface between your Bluetooth compatible devices such as mobile phones, navigation systems, TVs and many more.
  • SoundGate Mic – Especially helpful when having one-to-one communication in a busy environment, the small SoundGate microphone can be worn by the conversation partner and their voice will be transmitted directly to the hearing instrument via the SoundGate 3.
  • TV Adapter – The small and portable TV Adapter device transmits sound clearly from your television to your hearing aids via the SoundGate 3. From the SoundGate 3 you can control the TV volume independently from other listeners.
  • Audio Efficiency™ Technology (including Speech Cue Priority™ and Frequency Composition™) – For people with a severe to profound hearing loss, it is usually a special challenge to hear high-frequency sounds. Frequency Composition™ transfers high-frequency sound components from the source to a lower destination range, making it easier to hear important speech cues.
  • Reverb Reduction – This feature detects reverberation and attenuates the reverberant part of the signal while preserving important speech information. This reduces the perceived amount of reverberation and improves listening comfort.
  • Adaptive Feedback Canceller Plus (AFC Plus) – Bernafon’s proven AFC Plus feedback cancellation system has been designed to detect and remove acoustic feedback signals immediately.
  • Binaural Coordination – Equipped with binaural coordination features, Supremia constantly exchanges information from one side to the other to make sure that both devices are working as one system. For example, this ensures that both hearing aids are in the same microphone mode, and that changes in programs made on one hearing aid will naturally apply on both sides. Binaural coordination is also designed to make phone calls in noisy environments easier by automatically muting or reducing the amplification of the non-telephone hearing instrument.
  • ChannelFree™ – High-quality sound in all listening situation is provided thanks to ChannelFree™ signal processing. Natural and accurate amplification makes communication easier.

Supremia Super Power Features for Children

Supremia also offers a new perspective in hearing to the smallest among us.

Sounds are important to all of us, but for children they are indispensable for their auditory and cognitive development. Hearing is critical to speech and language development, communication, and learning. Children discover, experience, and learn every day. Their lives are full of big and small events, and Supremia can give them the power to actively participate in any occasion.

Supremia Super Power BTE is Bernafon’s most powerful device for a paediatric fitting. It can be equipped with a range of components which makes it a true paediatric hearing aid, capable of adapting to many different listening environments and assisting children in every facet and stage of their lives.

Features include:

  • Extra child earhook for a proper fit on small ears.
  • Easy to operate volume control wheel and program button, so that small fingers can easily find them and make adjustments.
  • LED status light, which can be programmed to visually indicate the various settings of your child’s hearing aid (e.g., hearing aid ON/OFF, low batter status, program change, etc.).
  • Optional tamper-resistant battery door, to prevent young children from accidently losing or even swallowing the small battery.
  • Special FM adapter that can be attached to Supremia and connected to their school’s FM system. The teacher’s voice will then be transmitted directly into your child’s hearing aids. This can help your child by making it easier to hear and understand the teacher.
  • Audio Efficiency™ technology that not only amplifies the sounds to make them audible, it also strives to make all the speech sounds understandable, to best support your child’s speech and language development.

Bernafon also offers the SoundGate 3 streaming device. Via SoundGate 3, your child can stream sound from his or her mobile phone, computer, and other audio sources directly into their hearing aids. The SoundGate App makes it possible to easily control the hearing aids via the SoundGate 3 through their iPhone.



Supremia hearing aids are available in two performance categories and come in four different colour options to match hair and skin tones. Two special colours are also available for children.