Bernafon Mirum


Mirum combines Bernafon’s state-of-the-art Swiss technology to deliver entry-level hearing solutions designed to enhance life’s precious moments.


  • Makes speech easier to understand in a wide range of everyday situations
  • Improves listening comfort
  • Provides distinctively clear and natural sound quality
  • Connects to a range of Bluetooth® devices via Bernafon’s SoundGate 3

Mirum utilises Bernafon’s unique Audio Efficiency™ technology to ensure that you find the right balance between speech understanding and listening comfort in a wide range of everyday situations. There are also many accessories available to support your priorities in life.



  • ChannelFree™ – High-quality sound in all listening situation is provided thanks to ChannelFree™ signal processing. Offering distinctively clear and natural sound quality, ChannelFree™ is a unique gem among the industry.
  • Noise Reduction Systems – Background noise and feedback need not be a threat to your listening comfort. With feedback cancellers and noise reduction features, Mirum provides a much more comfortable and less tiring hearing experience.
  • SoundGate Mic – Especially helpful when having one-to-one communication in a busy environment, the small SoundGate microphone can be worn by the conversation partner and their voice will be transmitted directly to the hearing instrument via the SoundGate 3.
  • RC-N Remote – The RC-N remote control allows you to discreetly adjust the volume or change programs.
  • Wireless Connectivity – The SoundGate 3 enables you to connect and communicate anytime, and from anywhere. Use the SoundGate 3 as an interface between your Bluetooth compatible devices such as mobile phones, navigation systems, TVs and many more.
  • Live Music & Cinema Programs – The rich sound quality of the cinema or a live concert contributes to the overall experience. Bernafon’s Live Music and Cinema Programs featured in Mirum 5 cater to the unique characteristics and wide dynamic range of these sound situations.


Mirum is available in a Nano BTE style and comes in five different colour options to match hair and skin tones.