Poor audio quality of phone call with Phonak hearing aids manual

When doing a phone call with Phonak hearing aids the following is important:

  1. Verify your mobile phone signal strength. You may need to move to a location with stronger reception.
  2. Adjust the position of the phone, making sure there are no obstacles between the phone and your hearing aids such as your body, a wall, or hard surfaces as these can interfere with the wireless audio signal.
  3. Make sure the maximal distance between the phone and the hearing aids is not exceeded. Although the official Bluetooth standard indicates 10 m / 30 ft as the maximal Bluetooth range, the real range depends on many factors and may be shorter in reality.
  4. When relocating during a call, make sure to take the phone with you.
  5. Make sure that the phone is streaming the call through the hearing aids and not the speaker of the phone. Accept the call using the multi-function button of the hearing aid.

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