iPhone®: Repairing connection issues ocurring with myPhonak manual

How to repair connection issues ocurring with myPhonak on iPhone

  1. Close and re-open the myPhonak app and try again to connect.
  2. Turn off and on the Bluetooth on the phone and try again to connect.
  3. Restart the hearing aids and try again to connect.
  4. Restart your phone and try again to connect.

If none of the above helps:

Sometimes a connection to the hearing aids cannot be established after an app update, an OS update of the smartphone, or when the fitting of the hearing aids has changed. In this case, a full reset of the app is recommended which includes the deletion of the Bluetooth® pairings and any Bluetooth settings:

  1. Close the app and uninstall the app from the smartphone.
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings in the smartphone.
  3. On the list of paired devices, find the two or three items representing the user hearing aids.
    Please note that the third listed item is for the phone call / streaming functionality.
  4. Click on each of the paired devices and unpair them.
  5. Install the myPhonak app again from App Store.
  6. Follow the onboarding instructions until reaching the Home section. Then press “Pair device”.
  7. Follow the pairing instructions.
  8. When reaching the screen with “Connect your hearing aids to myPhonak”, restart the hearing aids. Instructions for this can be found in the screen.
  9. Click “Continue” in the app and the pairing will start, follow the instructions until reaching screen saying “Pairing complete!”
  10. If the user wants to enable phone calls, audio streaming and Tap Control this can be set up by pressing “OPTIONAL SETTINGS” and follow the instructions.
  11. The hearing aids should now be successfully paired.

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