I can’t connect Phonak hearing aids directly to my iPhone, using the Hearing Devices settings manual

Phonak hearing aids are not so called “Made for iPhone” certified, therefore they do not support this iPhone feature. Nevertheless, Phonak hearing aids can be connected with iPhone to stream audio, answer phone calls and control your hearing aids remotely with the myPhonak app.Instructions how to connect iPhone to a Phonak hearing aid:
https://earandhearing.com.au/docs/phonak-support/connecting-phonak-hearing-aids-to-an-iphone/Instructions how to connect an iPhone to the myPhonak app:
https://product-support.phonak.com/s/article/Setting-up-myPhonak-on-iPhoneBluetooth compatibility:
https://earandhearing.com.au/docs/phonak-support/bluetooth-compatibility/myPhonak app compatibility:

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