How to improve your experience with Bluetooth manual

Turning off system sounds such as “keyboard” clicks can greatly improve the experience with Phonak hearing aids. Watch the videos for iPhone or Android to learn how to do this. The videos will show you how to disable the following settings: 

iPhones (iOS 16 or higher)
Settings > Sounds and Haptics

  • disable Keyboard Feedback
  • disable Lock Sound

Settings > Notifications

  • disable Notifications for individual apps

Settings > Sounds & Vibration > System Sounds  

  • disable Touch interactions
  • disable Dialing keypad
  • disable Keyboard
  • disable Charging
  • disable Screen lock/unlock

Settings > Apps
Disable notification sound for individual apps:

  • Notifications set to “Silent”

*This example is with a Samsung phone, for other phones the settings are similar. Use the search function in settings to help find them. 

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