How to replace an Oticon behind-the-ear hearing aid wax filter manual

About wax protection systems #

Your ear canal produces earwax which may clog up the earpiece. Earwax is one of the main causes of problems in hearing aids. Most hearing aids come with a filter or other device to stop wax from getting into the hearing aids.
Use the wax protection system and tools to clean away any accumulated wax each day. Consult our hearing care professional about the specific wax protection system in your hearing aids and how it can be replaced.

Important notice! #

If your hearing aid is equipped with MicroWaxBuster or WaxBuster or WaxTrap, never attempt to remove or replace the filter yourself. If you are in any doubt about the use or replacement of your wax protection system, contact your hearing care professional.

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How to change a ProWax filter #

Due to the coronavirus, please wear gloves before changing a ProWax filter.

  • replace-an-bte-wax-filter-step1

    1. Tool #

    Remove the tool from the shell. The tool has two pins, one empty for removal and one with the new wax filter.

  • replace-an-bte-wax-filter-step2

    2. Remove #

    Push the empty pin into the wax filter in the speaker and pull it out.

  • replace-an-bte-wax-filter-step3

    3. Insert #

    Insert the new wax filter using the other pin, remove the tool and throw it away.

  • replace-an-bte-wax-filter-step4

    4. Final #

    The speaker should look like above when you have replaced the wax filter.

Watch the instruction video on how to change the wax filter:


How to change the WaxStop filter #

The WaxStop filter should be changed: #

1. When you can see that the filter placed in the mold is clogged.

2. When the hearing aid does not sound normal.

To change the filter: #

1. Remove the tool from the shell. The tool has two ends, one with a new filter and one with the removal tool.

2. Insert the removal tool into the sound outlet of the mold.

3. Pull the used WaxStop filter out slowly keeping the tool straight.

4. Turn the tool 180 degrees.

5. Push the new filter into the sound outlet and gently remove the tool.

6. Discard the used tool. Do not reuse.

Watch the instruction video on how to change the wax filter:

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