How to clean Oticon in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids manual

Wax build-up is one of the main reasons why hearing aids need repairing. Clean your hearing aids to ensure that they keep doing their job.

Your hearing aids are an important investment, and they have been designed to be both reliable and durable. Take a few minutes each day to clean them.

Your ear canal produces earwax, which serves the great purpose of protecting and lubricating your ear. But wax build-up is one of the main reasons why hearing aids need repairing.  Wax clogs up the sound outlet and/or the ventilation opening, resulting in weak, distorted sound or absence of sound. Most hearing aids come with a filter or other device to stop wax from getting into the hearing aid. Check the wax filter and replace it if necessary. Our hearing care professional can tell you about the specific wax protection system in your hearing aids.

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Cleaning an in-the-ear hearing aid #

Instead of using a cloth to wipe the surface as shown in the video, use wet wipes of any kind, preferably antibacterial. An alternative to wet wipes is cleaning with a mild soap solution on a hard-twisted cotton cloth. Avoid using excess water that can enter the hearing aid.
After cleaning, discard your gloves and wash your hands carefully with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Let your cleaned hearing aids dry for one hour.
Watch the instruction video on how to clean the shell:


How to clean the ventilation and sound outlet #

Use the brush to clean away any traces of wax from around the sound outlet.

If microphone openings are clogged by dust or dirt, this will affect the performance of the instrument. Carefully brush away visible signs of debris from the openings while twisting the brush.


Cleaning the sound outlet #

Carefully brush away visible signs of dirt from the openings while twisting the brush.


Cleaning the ventilation #

Clean the ventilation openings by pressing the brush through the hole while twisting it slightly.

Watch how to clean the vent:

Use the MultiTool for cleaning #

The MultiTool is a useful tool, which will ensure the best care, cleaning and performance of your hearing aids:


Replace the brush when necessary. Simply pull it out of the tool and insert a new fresh brush. Press the new one firmly into the handle. MultiTool brushes can be purchased from your hearing care professional.

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