How to clean Oticon Corda thin tube manual

About thin tube #

Read the following if your instrument is a BTE or miniBTE style and has a thin tube (Corda miniFit) mounted to it, with a dome or MicroMold as earpiece. The Corda miniFit thin tube is an ultra-thin, discreet solution, which brings sound into your ear. The thin tube should always be used with an earpiece attached (dome or Corda mold). Use only parts designed for your hearing instrument.

How to clean the thin tube #

Due to the coronavirus, please wear gloves when cleaning hearing aids.
The thin tube should be cleaned to keep it clear from moisture and wax. If not cleaned it could become blocked with wax, meaning no sound will be able to get out.

Watch the instruction video on how to clean a Corda thin tube:

Domes should not be cleaned. If the dome is filled with wax, replace it with a new one.

If your Corda miniFit solution has a MicroMold instead of a dome, you will need to clean the mold. Click here for instructions on how to clean the Corda mold.

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