How to pair Bernafon hearing aids with an Android device manual

Before you start #

Bernafon hearing aids can pair directly to Android phones and tablets including Huawei, OnePlus, Google Pixel, and Samsung. Pairing directly allows you to use the Bernafon App to adjust the sound.

Bernafon hearing aids can also enable you to have hands-free calls and stream music and audio to your hearing aids from Android devices. To do this directly, your Android device must support Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA). Other Android devices require a SoundClip-A to enable audio streaming with your hearing aids.

Compatibility guide #

See which Android devices will work with your hearing aids.

See the guide

Get the Bernafon App #

You need the Bernafon App to pair your Android device with your hearing aids.

Download the Bernafon App

To connect your Android device directly to your hearing aids #

Place your hearing aids near your phone #

Ensure that they are within 20 cm (7.9 in) of each other.

Ensure Bluetooth® is turned on #

Go to > Settings and switch Bluetooth on if necessary.

Open the Bernafon App #

The app will automatically search for hearing aids.

Android phone displaying pair with hearing aids start screen.

Restart your hearing aids #

  • For hearing aids with disposable batteries, close the battery drawer
  • For rechargeable hearing aids, turn them on by pressing the lower button of each hearing aid for 2 seconds

Grey and red sketch of an open battery drawer on a hearing aid on a black background.Grey and red sketch of a rechargeable hearing aid in a charger.

Detecting your hearing aids #

The app will automatically start to detect your hearing aids.

Once detected, the name of your hearing aids will appear on the screen.

Select your hearing aids.

Android phone screen displaying pairing message when detecting hearing aids.Android phone screen displaying pairing message for detected hearing aids.

Connecting to your device. #

Wait for the Bernafon App to connect to your hearing aids. If requested, allow your device to pair with your hearing aids.

Once your hearing aids are connected, press Continue.

Android phone screen displaying pairing message when connecting to hearing aids.Android phone screen displaying pairing success message for hearing aids.

To pair your Android device with your hearing aids via SoundClip-A #

First, pair your hearing aids with your SoundClip-A. Then pair your SoundClip-A with your Android device. #

How to pair SoundClip-A with your hearing aids

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