How to pair Bernafon hearing aids with a TV adapter (TV-A) manual

A TV adapter lets you send the sound from your TV to your hearing aids wirelessly. This allows you to set your volume independently so you can hear your TV clearly while not disturbing other people.

Before you start #

Before pairing, ensure your TV adapter is plugged into a power socket and connected to your TV.

Get the Bernafon App #

You can use the Bernafon App to control your TV Adapter and your hearing aids.

Download the Bernafon App for iOS
Download the Bernafon App for Android

5 easy steps to pair your TV-A adapter with your hearing aids #

The TV-A adapter displayed on a black background.

Restart your hearing aids to activate pairing mode #

Turn your hearing aids off and then on again.

For hearing aids with disposable batteries, open the battery drawers and then close them
For rechargeable hearing aids, put them in the charger and then take them out again

Place your hearing aids on the TV-A adapter #

Two flashing blue lights indicate pairing is in process. Pairing can take up to 60 seconds.

Wait until the lights show steady blue. This indicates pairing is complete.

The TV-A adapter can be paired with as many hearing aids as you like.

Activate the TV program in your hearing aids #

Once a TV-A has been paired with your hearing aids, it will be available as a program in your hearing aids.

Use the program switch on your hearing aids to change program, or use the Bernafon App or RC-A remote control.

Adjust the TV volume in your hearing aids #

Use the volume control on your hearing aids to adjust the TV volume level in both hearing aids. You can also use the Bernafon App or RC-A remote control.

The TV volume in the hearing aids is normally not affected by volume adjustments made with the TV’s remote control.

Stop hearing the TV’s sound when you’re finished #

To stop the sound from the TV, simply change to another desired program in your hearing aids.

You can turn off your TV-A adapter when you are finished watching TV. Your TV-A adapter will remember the pairing to your hearing aids when you turn it on again.

How to unpair #

To clear pairings, press and hold the red button on your TV-A adapter for five seconds.

The lights on the front will fade blue to indicate there are no pairings.

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