What Our Clients Say

Mr Bert Newton

“Hi this is Bert. Dr Moh Dadafarin! Why do I say that name? Because that name has become very important in my life. You probably guessed in the sort of career I’ve had and radio and television and theatre. I’ve been subject to a lot of noise, quite often good noise but still lots of noise and for many years in radio particularly I wore earphones with loud noises coming through.”

My hearing used to be great and then a little later in life it wasn’t nearly as good and I was concerned that it was getting worse, that’s where Dr Moh came in to the situation and he is the principal of a wonderful practice or organization call it what you will and that is Ear and Hearing Australia. He’s done wonders for me. I can hear again so why not if you happen to be in the same boat as me? Take my advice it’s magic!

Mr Andrew W – Carlton Nth

“My diminished hearing was known best by my family and friends; I was the expert lip reader. At Ear Hearing Australia I found a caring practitioner able to turn vague doubts about my hearing loss into quantified problems and provide successful treatment.”

However, it is the follow-up to this minor miracle that so impresses me. (By the way I now hear clearly!) Any call by phone or in person to the clinic, is treated seriously and taken through to a totally satisfactory conclusion. A quiet explanation of complex matters gives me a deeper understanding of what the hearing process is all about. Friends referred to Ear Hearing Australia share my feelings.

Ann C, Kew

I’ve just had my second set of hearing aids fitted here at Ear and hearing Australian Kew and I’m thrilled with them. They’re absolutely fantastic and wearing hearing aids had changed my life and this set of hearing aids is even a better.

I’m wearing, I’m using an app on my iPhone to answer the phone and to change the level of sound. If I’m in a noisy restaurant I can cut out most of the background noise. If I’ve got little grandchildren and if they’re being noisy I can quiet it down. It’s quite empowering really and I don’t think anyone would ever imagine that I’m wearing hearing aids because you can see they’re very hard to see and they fit really well. The attention to detail and the backup and care that the team at ear and hearing Australia, especially in Kew, have provided me with is second to none.

Jo, Kew

Ear and Hearing Australia are exceptional. They’re professional to the highest standard. Dr. Moh is obviously very passionate about his work and it just shows right through. Everybody is so welcoming and make you feel comfortable straight away. It’s amazing, I love my hearing aids.

I was quite reluctant at first because I had had a previous bad experience but this time they had changed my life completely. I’m more outgoing, I’m far more comfortable in social situations. I can now hear my grandchildren when they speak softly. I can hear every word they say. It’s amazing the difference it has made. In social situations in restaurants I can now focus on conversations with the people around me. Sure I can hear background noise but yeah, it’s it’s far better than it used to be before. I advise people who suspect that they may have a hearing loss to get professional advice as soon as possible because the longer you leave it the worse your hearing is going to get, and well the better the outcome the sooner you seek advice.

Kim, Melbourne CBD

Now what I love about the Lyrics it’s the freedom that it gives me. Now I don’t have anything outside my ear. It means I can wear glasses, sunnies, headphones. I can wear you know even the iPod type headphones inside. It’s okay. I can wear a hat, I can wear baseball caps, scarf over my head, whatever.

And I don’t need to worry about things falling off either like I can jump back into exercise, I can go for a run. I don’t need to worry whether it’s gonna fall off or you know in the rain is it gonna get wet? It gives you that’s total sense of freedom to be yourself and still be able to hear all the sounds. You know absolutely crisp crystal-clear and just absolutely amazing. Ear and Australia has absolutely exceeded my expectations. the staff are very professional. The audiologist are University trained.

Everyone treats you very nicely and they really care. Dr. Dadafarin is passionate about what he does and he’s very knowledgeable. I absolutely recommend Ear and Hearing Australia to anyone who hearing loss suspect you may have a hearing loss or you know you have a hearing loss and you might need a pair of hearing aids fitted, they’re definitely the people to go to.

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