Audeara A-01

Audeara headphones can be used as an assistive listening device for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, for those are not yet ready to transition completely to hearing aids. If you already have hearing aids or a cochlear implant, the Audeara headphones are designed to wear over your device to enhance your personalised sound. No matter what, Audeara is for you!

Everybody hears different, maybe your left ear hears a little different to your right ear, Audeara wireless Bluetooth headphones are designed with the most innovative technology to take all these factors into consideration to tailor sound based on your individual hearing. The Audeara headset uses your hearing test results to provide clear, crisp and balanced sound that will remove the struggle you’re currently facing.

Signature Features

  • Active noise canceling: allows you to communicate with your family, colleagues, or clients over the phone or via video chat, without the interruption of unwanted background noise.

  • Unto 35 hours of battery life

  • Hands-free calling: built-in microphone comes with voice capture technology to give you the crisp, crystal clear sound quality

  • Bluetooth Compatible: perfect for TV, Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Stereo).

  • Australian product: designed & developed by Brisbane based doctors.

Focus on what matters – what you can hear!

Only 3 easy steps to experience personalised sound. Audeara wireless Bluetooth headphones can be your personalised device, Here’s how:

1. Download the Audeara App;

2. Test your hearing

3. Apply your results onto the headphones.




BT-01 Transciever

  • Connect your wireless headphones to your TV/stereo
  • A device to transmit a bluetooth signal from an analogue source, like the headphone jack of your TV
  • 3.5mm aux input
  • This dongle gives you the chance to make any device connectable with your headphones


audeara bt01 transcever