20th Anniversary Celebrations in Melbourne

by Jun 5, 2019News

Ear and Hearing Australia celebrated their 20th Anniversary with some of their clients, staff and friends at the luxurious Rylands of Hawthorn.
Ear and Hearing Australia was established in Melbourne in 1998. During these 20 years, Ear and Hearing Australia has helped many thousands of clients with their hearing needs, improving their quality of life by optimising their hearing and keeping them connected to their family and friends.

During the ceremony Dr Dadafarin the Principal Audiologist at Ear and Hearing briefly spoke about his journey and Ear and Hearing’s contribution in the local community.

Dr Dadfarin said “When I think about how we have brought a smile back to people faces, I become very emotional and proud of what we have done as a team. We are celebrating how we have grown to become one of the largest independent practices in Australia. We’re celebrating our reputation, our achievement – building a client-centred practice, reputable for its professional and caring services, Ear and hearing Australia!

The credit for achieving all that we have, having the chance to stand here today and confidently talk about all these, goes to no-one else but to our professional and caring team.

I take pride in saying that we have always had the best team who have been equally passionate about helping our people. I have been lucky to have such a fantastic team of dedicated and loyal employees who really care about our company’s great values.
My present staff, and my previous employees, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making us who we are. Thanks for all your contributions.

Dr Dadafaring added “On this special day, on behalf of my team, I would like to make a promise to our clients: To Keep our good values and to continue providing you all with the best level of care and support you deserve. So, let’s look forward to the amazing years to come. Let’s celebrate!”

Here is what some of Ear & Hearing clients had to say at the event:

“ I just want to say thank you. What a great great service you’ve provided and many many more years. a lot of places have closed and you’re open and I can tell you the secret why you’re still open Moh, and that’s your consistent customer service. Every time we go in its always the same, its always amazing, always happy, always helpful. So once again
congratulations and thank you for giving me my life back.” – Christina

”Four of us have been clients of Moh for some 20 years since he first started. Our two children were both professionally trained and their hearing was a massive impediment to their satisfactory progress in their workplace and Moh was able to fit them with appropriate hearing aids.” – John
“ It’s been wonderful to have an association with Moh and his team… as an independent group, they have access to all sort of hearing aids…”

“Moh and his team were very patient, and they made sure that I ended up with just the right kind of hearing aid. “ – Dr. Bell: