Tuning in for a better quality of life

Tuning in for a better quality of life

Tuning in for a better quality of life

People with hearing loss don’t have to miss a beat thanks to vastly improved technology.

When hearing loss is left untreated, it can significantly affect a person’s quality of life and result in social and health impacts beyond the initial impairment.

… “People who suffer from hearing loss start to avoid social situations because it’s frustrating having to ask people to repeat themselves over and over again,” says Dr Moh Dadafarin, director and principal audiologist at Ear & Hearing Australia. “They stop enjoying listening to music and watching movies and television shows. Without realising it, untreated hearing loss can cause you to miss out on a lot.”

Untreated hearing loss can also contribute to physiological problems including memory and cognitive decline, and auditory deprivation, a condition where the brain loses the ability to interpret words.

Significant advances in hearing loss fields mean more effective treatments are available. Many modern hearing aids are digital, wireless and so small they seem ‘invisible’. Newer hearing aid models allow users to hear from all directions in multiple sound environments.

Although treatment has evolved and research is ongoing, Dr Dadafarin says that many people who would benefit from wearing hearing aids don’t get them.

“I often hear people citing reasons like, ‘My hearing loss is not severe enough’, and ‘Hearing loss is not disruptive to my life’, even from those with very significant hearing loss,” he says.

“Loss develops over time and people can be unaware of just how much life they’re actually missing out on.”

Dr Dadafarin says hearing aids have significantly improved his patients’ relationships, social lives, physical and mental health.

“You feel confident to be a part of the conversation again and to participate in your life.”

Dr Dadafarin says the first step to addressing hearing loss is a hearing evaluation with a professional audiologist. Early diagnosis through a comprehensive hearing evaluation and prompt treatment are key to dealing with hearing loss and often result in the most successful outcomes.

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