It’s time to hear what everyone has to offer.

It’s time to hear what everyone has to offer.

It’s time to hear what everyone has to offer.

Hearing loss results in communication difficulties which can affect relationships, careers and quality of life.

Hearing is fundamental to work meetings, client phone calls and interactions with colleagues. It’s frustrating for your workmates if they have to repeat themselves all the time.

Being in noisy environments such as restaurants and family gatherings can (also) be difficult. Most people start to avoid social situations altogether, which can lead to isolation and depression.

Hearing aids have improved patients’ relationships, social lives and physical and mental health… “People who use hearing aids generally report noticeable improvements to their wellbeing and quality of life.”

After treatment, Dr Dadafarin reports patients have found they can better engage in conversation with family and friends, watch television at a normal volume and speak with people by phone with ease. Patients also feel more independent and self-confident after treatment, notice a difference in their relationships with family and friends, and may have greater engagement in the workplace.

“Modern hearing aids are very advanced and perform significantly better than older hearing aid models in noisy situations,” he says.

“They’re more discreet. Most are rechargeable and they can connect to your electronic devices such as smartphones and smart TVs. Some (hearing aids) can be inserted into your ears and stay for months at a time, even while showering, exercising and sleeping.”

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