Dual was developed by leading hearing solutions manufacturer Oticon and was recognised for its revolutionary development by being selected as a winner in the2009 Australian International Design Awards (AIDA) – Medical and Scientific Category.

It was one of only seven nominees from entries across Australia and around the globe in the Australian International Design Awards. Ear & Hearing Australia is delighted to offer this latest technology to our clients, knowing that it has been recognised in one of Australia’s most prestigious design awards- the first time an internationally designed hearing instrument has been selected as a winner.

Oction Dual is a new high tech hearing device with a unique synergy of high performance technology and aesthetic appeal. Dual solves the “beauty or brains: dilemma that has long challenged hearing care professionals and frustrated individuals with hearing loss looking for ideal solutions.”

Dual is unmatched in the desirable small design segment. “Now, people no longer have to choose between small scale beauty and big performance brain when seeking a hearing device,” states Moh Dadafarin, Chief Audiologist at Ear & Hearing Australia.

Dual enables users to once again enjoy television at a volume level that won’t drive others out of the room and to speak on landline or mobile phones without fear of embarrassment from whistling or feedback. A new AutoPhone feature allows Dual to automatically switch to dedicated phone programs for an enhanced listening experience.

With the optional Streamer device, users can wirelessly connect Dual to their television, home phone or mobile phone with just a touch of a button. The signal is instantly transmitted to both ears.


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